EE LAB - The Electrical Engineering Laboratory is a multimedia e-learning system created for your learning enjoyment. We hope it may teach you safe practices in and around electrical laboratories. You may safely practice real-life experiments by doing and trying, without the risk of being electrocuted.

The course consists of a series of electrical circuit experiments. Starting from Ohm’s Law, you will be introduced, step-by-step, to electrical circuit theory.

The list and the order of experiments have been carefully planned, and it is recommended that you conduct these experiments in the arranged order. The material was prepared for a systematic and purposeful study.

Each learning module consists of three major components:

  • A fully narrated experiment’s lesson. The lesson explains the theoretical aspects of the circuit, shows the layout from different points of view and takes you through a review of cable connections.
  • The laboratory with a simulated circuit, where you can explore the experiment in-depth. During the simulation, you may modify each component of the electrical circuit by changing their settings or replacing them with elements of different characteristics. Data collected during an experiment may be displayed using a graph component.
  • In the test, you may answer a few questions related to the learning module. Many of these questions have been designed to use randomly generated numerical values so you may practice with different input sets every time you enter the same question. Every question is followed by feedback which explains the correct answer.